Thursday, May 17, 2012

Turn An Ugly Bike Helmet Into a Unique Ugly Bike Helmet

Some moms curl up with a good book and a glass of wine when they get a quiet night to themselves.  I prefer to lay out garbage bags and proceed to cover things in sticky goop, different strokes right?  Here's what I was up to last week:

Yep, I went out and purchased a helmet, cuz I know the first thing my kids gonna say when we get on our bikes for our family bike ride: "Mama, why aren't you wearing a helmet?" Then I'd have to make up some crazy story involving  an alien abduction and it being claimed by NASA.  So I spent $30.00 on the plainest helmet I could find, I have a small head, so only large "youth" helmets will fit.  So it's army styles or neon pink, purple and black.  Something had to be done.  So I poured a glass of wine and grabbed my trusty 1L bottle of craft glue.

Here's a step by step.  I dare you to to follow the instructions without looking ahead.

1.Mix 50/50 glue and water in an old honey jar and shake the crap out of it (yes in MUST be a honey jar, so go out and buy one transfer all the honey to another jar that has a sealable twist top that you already had).

2.Grab a bunch of scraps of material and cut them into rectangles.

3.Find some pretty flower/kitten pattern you like and cut it out.

4.Drink more wine.

5.Pour gloop into a tupperwear container.
6.Drop honey jar cap into goop.

7.Take jar lid out and swear to yourself that dropping it had nothing to do with the glass of wine you just imbibed. 
8.Now just like grade school drown the strips of material in the goop. 
9.Curse yourself for not having a hand towel ready to wipe your hands off on so you could take pictures for your blog.
10.Spill your second glass of wine (and there is no more in your fridge) and ask yourself "now how am I going to blame how this craft turned out on being drunk?" ...
11.Cover entire helmet in rectangles.
12.Grab fancy cut out kitten/flower design and using a paintbrush try to paint it onto the fabric pattern while holding a camera so that you can take a blurry picture for your blog.

13.Now set it out to dry for at least 48 hours.

14.Put it on and take goofy pictures while contemplating how exactly you are going to sch lack it...

And yes I'll admit that is my butt.  No, that is absolutely not my laundry.

The end.