Saturday, October 3, 2015


So there are gaps in this blog, filled by randowm Facebook posts, and even more gaps left between them.  The most common questions I have been asked are: When did they diagnose you?  What sort of treatments are you on? What happened? You look great! Where's your cane?

Here's some answers:  they didn't diagnose me.  I'm on no treatments beyond an iron pill and magnesium pill every three days or so, in fact I am off all fibromyalgia meds.  What happened?  Well,  I began to feel better and be able to do more within three days of moving to the women's shelter.  My days between needing the wheelchair lengthened.  Within two weeks I didn't need my wheelchair at all.  I completely ended my relationship with my ex and within a week was cane free (looked back at the dates, a month after the split I was cane-free I stopped using my cane on a regular basis within a week of the relationship being completely over.  Then due to weak ankles from being inactive, I fell down steps and tore a ligament and had to use my cane again for 10 days. I was swimming during this time (an activity I could only dream of last Summer). I have only improved since.  I am hiking, running, jumping and climbing.  My hormones have evened out, my thyroid is shrinking back to a healthy size. The only relapses I have had have been directly related to stress involving my ex, for example: the day he texted me to tell me that my ex husband was willing to let him see the kids on his visitation days despite the kids and I requesting no contact... I lost the feeling in my right leg while texting him back, then had trouble with my gait for about an hour afterwards.  So what happened?  In my opinion, my relationship was causing me so much stress that my immune system couldn't cope.  My adrenal glands were constantly firing in a fight or flight response to my living situation that caused an imbalance in my thyroid activity, which in turn affected my hormones, which lead to heavy periods, which lead to low iron.  Emotionally, I did not feel safe expressing my feelings, I buried them until they expressed themselves in fibromyalgia-like pain, exhaustion and literal immobilization.  I believe that either  I cured myself by leaving my relationship, or the lowering of stress in my life by leaving that relationship gave me a reprieve from chronic fibromyalgia.  Finally, where is my cane?  It is back in Ontario, with my wheelchair. :)