Sunday, January 24, 2016


Last night I had a dream that my ex was driving the car we were in.  I turned to him and asked, "What do you want?" He didn't have a definitive answer.  "Could you just drop me off at home then? " but he pulled over to one of my favourite hiking spots, but there were natural springs there as well and I stood with my toes in the water. Then I watched as many friends ran by in a Marathon and waved, he disappeared for the rest of my dream.

Closure.  That is what I recieved today.  It could be one of the reasons I felt so drained.  Big emotional shifts can bring a sense of exhaustion right along with the peace.  I've been doing so much inner work over the last two weeks... I'm losing track of my earth-bound appointments.  It's time to ground myself and buy a decent Calendar.