Sunday, January 10, 2016

Have A Liitle Help From My Friends

Okay so yesterday was the last major milestone to have to deal with.  I memed (if that is the word) about motherf$cking shiny zombies.  I chatted with friends on the Internet.  A friend came over to help with my broken bed.  Facebook sucked because out of pure random evilness it notified me of something on my ex's fan page that I unliked a long time ago.  Not cool, facebook, not cool.  Despite that, it was a relatively painless day and night.  Good people are awesome.  Catherine from The Great Vine gifted me "Love" bath salts and I bathed like a queen.  Friends sent me messages of love and support.  I got to cuddle my kids all night and I finished Furiously Happy, by Jenny Lawson, which I intend to start reading again tomorrow.

There has been this weight lifted off my shoulders.  I don't want to get into what exactly, but a friend shared some info with me that very much proved what I thought all along, but thinking something isn't as good as knowing something, am I right?

I'm being very lazy today because I want to fully recover from my cold so that I can be productive the next two days while the kids are at their dad's.  Drivers test studying, collage making, taking down the rest of the Solstice stuff, writing, banking, appointment making and signing up my daughter for guides.  I'm feeling like I can move on now easily, before it felt forced.

My dream last night was of me  running through a tunnel to escape a military conflict then I came out the other side into a beautiful landscape, where I recognized betrayal immediately called the person on it and they were arrested. Then I went on searching for this beautiful land where we were to meet up with friends and family.  It pretty much summed up my last 10 months beautifully, I escaped conflict, stayed underground in safety for a while while moving forward.  I thought I'd reached the light at the end of the tunnel, found a betrayal, handled it and now I am in the light heading in the direction of love.

Life is good.