Thursday, January 7, 2016

I See The Strength Now

I wrote a post a little while back about how I didn't see how anything I did while leaving my ex and moving on as "strong".  It was necessity, I thought.  You just do it.  Then I realized, not everyone can just do what needs to be done.  Not everyone can face what I did without giving in to unhealthy choices, unhealthy relationships.  Perhaps they would have stayed and developed destructive behaviours to deal with the pain. It takes strength and self love to avoid making decisions that will hurt others or yourself. It takes resilience to move forward on your own.  You need to see your self worth, you need mental and emotional stability. I made the hard choices and avoided the easy route.  I chose long term happiness over short term reprieve.

I didn't see this until I re read what I told my daughter before Solstice about making good choices when you are having a hard time emotionally.  Then I realized how much emotional and mental strength it takes to be diligent in your choices for a healthy happy lifestyle.

So yeah, I'll claim that title now:  I am a strong woman. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically: I kick ass.