Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Letting Go

With my last question answered,  I feel like I can fully move on.  I've been considering cleaning up my blog ever since my test results.  Time to let go of the negative.  My blog was a source of support during those chaotic times, it was good to hear your comments on Facebook, I needed outside support, I needed to bounce my ideas off others, to make sure I'm not crazy.

Now I feel like I can move on, on my own.  So much writing came from a place of pain and confusion and I am no longer that woman.  So I re read my posts, I got rid of ones that were particularily negative towards my ex, because he is also no longer the same man and deserves to move forward as well.  I drafted the ones that I felt the lessons had sunk in.

It's strange, because as I was considering cleaning out my blog, I got a message from the OPP from where my ex lives.  I haven't been able to get a hold of the constable but I can't help but wonder... was my ex going to request through them that I stop writing about him anyways? I guess I won't know until she calls me back.  Either way, it is time.

Thank You for being with me on this journey, it's been real.