Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Note To That Creepy Guy In The Bar

Please be aware that I am no longer one of those "nice girls" that will allow you to slip your greasy hands down her back using the guise of just being a drunk old man. I won't giggle nervously as you breath down my neck and use patronizing terms of endearment to degrade me even more. When I tell you to please stop touching me, it doesn't mean stop touching me if you please, it means it would please me if you took your hands off my body.  If you don't stop and instead try to pull me closer.  I will yell "DON'T TOUCH ME!"  Not because I think it will make you suddenly realize how inappropriate you were being, (because I am sure you know already that grabbing strangers is not appropriate) but because I feel threatened by your obvious lack of respect for my boundaries. I will call attention to this situation, I will have all eyes turn on you and witness your next action, which greatly decreases the chance of it escalating on your part.  You may call me names, but your hands will come off of me.  I will make you look at yourself through the eyes of everyone who stopped to stare. Not only am I not easy prey but I just taught every woman in that pub exactly how to stop your harassment dead in it's tracks, they aren't such easy prey anymore either.