Friday, February 5, 2016

Can't Be A Hermit

I really need to blow off some steam this weekend.  I need to dance, laugh and have a beer.  I need to create with another person.  I am snapping at my kids, actually I yelled at them yesterday and today, I hate yelling. I need to refill my cup.

Writing and meditating can only do so much.  Today while walking to the grocery store I remembered my daily walks before I met my ex, when my kids were in strollers and I lived where there were sidewalks.  I try to do that now, but it becomes a struggle just to get my son to not stop every ten steps.  Yes, I understand that he is stretching his imagination by hiding behind every single lamp post, but I have needs too, and if I don't meet them every once in a while, I turn into the very troll he's imagining he is hiding from.  

I think I may also need to get laid.

Unfortunately, I don't believe that is an itch that I should scratch anytime soon...

So I will settle for a beer, a live band and some good company.