Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trigger Warning: Me Too

I thought I had this #MeToo thing down.  By that, I mean, I thought that it wouldn't get to me.  I thought, I have openly admitted to being sexually assaulted in the past on social media, what will be different about it this time?

For the first 24 hours, I was fine.  A bit saddened to see so many of my friends have also experienced this, but not surprised.  I was annoyed by the odd MRA douche canoe who tried to make it men vs women
...once again, not surprised.

However, at one point I did break down.  Someone I knew had the same abuser as me posted #MeToo.  I broke into tears, because it stopped being a social media awareness action. I had been emotionally detached because I had no idea how my friends were assaulted, just that they were and they were brave for sharing.

Shit got real.  Empathy, not the kind you strive for, but the kind that smacks you in the face and leaves you dumbstruck, that's what I felt.  Because I knew very much how she felt when it happened.
This, of course, opened the floodgates for more unintentional empathy.  I am usually quite good at keeping emotional distance in high stress situations, but not now. Not that the real truth of it came rushing in. Understanding someone's emotions is a whole other creature from feeling them.  I'm not sure how much time I am going to spend looking at my feed over the next few days.

To all the victims being triggered right now:
-You are not weak for feeling awful or triggered.
-You are brave wether you post #MeToo or not.
-Take care of yourselves in the way you see fit.

To those who aren't victims, but want to support your friends that are victims:
-If you want to comment: validate, don't question.
-avoid victim blaming, this includes posting you haven't been assaulted and why you think that is.
-Tell the MRA bastards that are trolling your vulnerable friends to "fuck off."

This is all I got right now.  I'm done for the evening.  I'm going to cuddle up with a book and live in another world for awhile.