Thursday, May 27, 2010

Does Low Self-worth Make For A More Satisfying Birth Experience?

I wonder, does a woman's image of self-worth make her more or less susceptible to birth trauma? If she truly believes that she is worthy of being listened to, that her body is sacred and worthy of respect, would she be more outraged by mistreatment in a birthing ward? Would she feel more violated than a woman with little to no self-worth? If a woman was raised to believe that she was unable to make decisions for herself, her feelings didn't matter and that her body was any one's to touch, grope, hurt why would she expect any better from her care providers? Next time a mother shrugs and says "that's just the way it is, at least I have a healthy baby." after describing what should have been a traumatic birth experience. Ask yourself, ask her "aren't you worth more than that?" Ask how many times in her life she has shrugged and told herself that. Truth is, it does hurt more to have self-worth when someone does something to make you feel worthless. It is shocking to us, LISTEN TO ME, I AM AS IMPORTANT AS A HUMAN BEING AS YOU ARE. I always wondered angrily why some women put up with such horrible treatment in the labour room. It's probably because they've been putting up with for years, maybe their whole lives. Today, teach your friends, daughters, nieces, sisters, mothers that they are full of worth. Break the cycle of violence that perpetuates silence and submission in the labour room. Love yourself openly, pat yourself on the back and do not be quiet when you've been mistreated. By giving yourself permission to be worth-full you may be giving another woman courage to not feel so worthless.