Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bye Bye Beautiful Hair.

I have beautiful hair. No really I do, see:

Completely natural ringlets. I never have to comb or brush my hair with anything more than my finger tips. Just Tea tree shampoo, no conditioner, no haircare products at all. In fact if I get out of the shower and not touch my hair in the slightest it dries looking like this. So why the hell do I have this urge to tease it, knot it and crochet it into funny looking bundles all over my head? I had dreadlocks 6 years ago, I cannot explain the feeling of having them, I cannot explain how it is that I feel more feminine with natty snakes pointing ever which way outta my head then I do with my curls blowing in the breeze. I do know however that whenever I dreadlock my hair there is usually some other big change or commitment in my life happening at the same time. So after eating some disgusting pieces of fatty pork tonight, I turned to my partner and told him, "Tommorow I become a vegetarian, again" Which is kinda messed-up cause we plan on raising rabbits for meat when we build our self-sufficient farm. Well cross that ethical blood and fur covered bridge when we get to it I guess. Wish me luck, it begins tonight...