Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For Goodness Sakes, Hold Your Kid's Hand!

I'm not big on the whole "judging other parents" thing. Chances are they are just having a horrible day, or maybe nursing a recent bite wound under their left sleeve. My kids wear stained clothes (I'm not throwing out a shirt because my daughter spilled ketchup on it) my daughter wears navy and green, sports whatever hair-cut she wants, (right now it's a buzz-cut, last month it was a mohawk). My son has sported a pink toque and likes his hair long...You get the point. When it comes to appearance of other people's children, I don't judge. Sometimes parents lose their temper and scream at their kids, I've done it. Not proud, not fun to witness; but I understand. What I don't understand is kids running ahead of their parents in parking lots. The tops of their little toques barely visible above the trunks and hoods of the parked (or moving) cars. This infuriates me. I know, or at least hope so, that these parents would not let their 2 year-olds cross the street without holding their hands, why would they let them cross a parking lot that way? What is so much safer a bout a parking lot? I've been hit by a van in a parking lot, The driver stopped as soon as he "heard" that he hit me. Going 20km per hour he still manged to run over the heel of my shoe. I'm sorry if this next line is disturbing, but how loud do you think the "thump" would be of a car hitting a 30 lb 2 year old? Would it be audible over the heater or car radio? Probably not. So for the love of your children; HOLD THEIR HANDS IN THE PARKING LOT.