Monday, March 28, 2016

Making Space

If I want good things to come into my life, I need to make space for them.  First, in my heart, by acknowledging I deserve good things to happen to me.  Second, in my mind: getting rid of the clutter of my fearful thoughts.  Third, in my body: to keep in great shape the vessel through which I will experience all these good things which I deserve.  Fourth, in my environment: Do I want more visits from friends? I will want a tidy house and chairs to seat them... Do I want to live a simpler life? Then I will need to simplify my environment by getting rid of possessions I do not need. Do I want to travel? Then I should make my luggage easily available.  

I will set myself up to be ready for all that I want and the opportunities to have these things will present themselves.  I'm not trying to convince myself of this, I know that this is how it works.  This is how I flourished in my challenging times of leaving my last relationship.  I cleared everything negative out of my life and focused on getting free and healthy and I did. 

It's time to do that again.

Whenever I lose sight of this, Life leads me back around to people and places who remind me that anything is possible.

Thank you Life.

Now to get back to the practical work:  Cleaning out the clutter in my room and storage to make space for a simpler life and easier travel.