Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Goodbye Curls

There's this man in my town.  I've known him and his daughter since I moved here.  Warmth radiates off of him, you can tell he genuinely wants to make others happy.  He volunteers at the local Foodbank, he donates his time for music and art events to raise money for various local not for profits.  He was a calming presence while he produced my radio show, and he gave me an amazing hug and said just the right thing on a day that I really needed it.

He has a little girl just a bit older than my own.  You can see they have a great connection, and it's heart breaking because he has cancer.

I want to help him.  I want to support him, but I have very little money of my own.  So yesterday I saw that there are people shaving their heads and taking donations for cancer research and awareness on Feb 4th.  So I decided to do the same, but ask people to sponsor me by donating money to his medical fund instead.  If you'd like to donate to the fund click on this link:

Thank you.